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In The Hot Seat

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Sum:For the kinkmeme: Newt Scamander sitting on Percival Graves' lap makes him very uncomfortable. Now a series due to popular demand.

Chapter 2: The obligatory "oh no we have to share a bed" incident. Only this time, they're out in the open with a dangerous beast prowling about.

真部长。强推!!!这篇第一章还可以,但第二章简直太精彩了hhhhhhhh  沾染上了雌性wampus气味的Newt要在一只雄性wampus面前表明自己已经被占有了免得被它咬死,然后部长很绝望地配合他扮演占有他的雄性hhhh 最后超级入戏的hhhhhhhh  这篇又可爱又好笑又火辣


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Sum:From Newt: Tina I am pathetic falling for someone who obviously doesn't even notice me
From Newt: But I love how he is in this nice suit of his it makes him look more handsome than before - not that I think he isn't without that suit anyway - I wonder what does he look like without that suit
From Newt: I can't wait to feel his muscles stretching beneath his shirt. I sound like a creep I know.
From Newt: Have I ever told you that I love his dark eyes?
From Newt: Oh my I am so sorry Mr Graves Wrong number wrong number

Or, Newt accidentally sent his lovestruck texts originally intended for Tina to Percival, and the latter isn't very pleased that his little angel is pining for someone who isn't him

In other words: two idiots who are in love with each other thinks that the other person is not never going to love him. Jealousy and chaos ensure.

真部长。强推!!!!又是超级可爱的一篇,发错短信的Newt和吃自己醋的部长“竟有傻逼不喜欢我的小天使” 。我真是喜爱真性(you)情(zhi)的部长啊~~又更新了第二张是两人被八卦杂志拍到,标题好好笑hhhhh

New York Ghost Gossip

With Photos!

Picquery's Right-Hand man snogging America's Favourite Magizoologist at Margaret's

By the New York Ghost's Gossip Correspond, Elizabeth Harrison

The Case of the Missing Obscurus



Sum:Getting rescued from the sarcophagus that Grindelwald had stashed him in turned out to be a thoroughly uncomfortable affair, if only because Graves suspected that Tina would never let him forget it’d happened, ever. Of all the Aurors who could’ve stumbled over Grindelwald’s vault, did it really have to be her?

Besides, Grindelwald hadn’t had that much time to make Graves’ said sarcophagus stay anything more than humiliating, unless his Grand Plan was to see how long Graves would take to die of boredom. Thankfully, Tina had found Graves before he’d gotten tired of grimly plotting Grindelwald’s murder. Unsettlingly enough, by all reports, Grindelwald had actually been credible enough at Graves’ soul-sucking time sink of a normal job that not even Graves’ closest minions had figured him out. Which meant that a) small wonder Grindewald hadn’t progressed his Plans of World Domination(?) further than aggressively stalking some poor kid and b) Graves clearly needed new minions.

真部长。强推!!!强推!!!!妈呀gramander也有这种文笔好剧情完整角色丰富的完结中长篇了太感动!!!这篇是延续canon,讲部长和Newt合作消灭了GG,在这过程中相爱。有不少充满亮点的原创角色,比如部长超级sassy的家养小精灵Daisy,老担心Graves家断香火hhhhh 后面表示非常满意Newt做Graves家的太太真是awwwww;还有GG之前的老师who老让我想起奇异博士里的古一,这个角色非常impressive,虽然也有点伤感....gramander两只的感情也非常自然非常水到渠成,总之强推!!!(说三遍了

comes with the job



Sum:No, Percival Graves is not afraid of Newt’s overprotective brother.


Take Care of My Fragile Little Heart



Sum:Newt and his beasts stay in the Graves estate. The beasts enjoy it very much and don't want to leave. They want Graves as their Daddy. So they hatch a plan to get the two together.


Not So Innocent



Prompt: We've had a lot of brilliant fics wherein Newt does unintentionally lewd things to arouse Graves, right? Well, what if we had a fic where he pretends to be innocent, except he's actually bending over strategically/making innuendos/sucking on phallic-looking objects/generally being a tease on purpose?

真部长。推荐!!!看多了纯洁没自觉的Newt后这篇风味很不同~故意做小动作引诱部长的Newt和被撩到不行的部长和“Newt你在干嘛你这是性骚扰!!”的Tina 23333333

Christmas Angst



Sum: “Murderer.” Theseus said voice dripping with venom, stepping aside.





Sum:Newt is feeling weirdly in love in his presence.

真部长。游刃有余的部长完全把Newt玩弄在股掌间(喂。几个不同场景的肉渣,有部长给Newt口还有food play,但没有插入(hence M)

Just Ask Me



Prompt:Newt has a big old crush on Graves and has to figure out a way to woo him and/or ask him out on a date. The only problem is that Newt has no clue how to do that.. Well the obvious choice is to ask his creatures for some help.

真部长。推荐一下因为就是喜欢看Newt哭(。 Newt帮部长抓罪犯作为追求他的方式(真是实在过头了…),结果自己受伤了部长超生气凶了他,他就委屈得哭了,然后部长又慌了...啊Newt世界第一可爱(捧脸

Basic Instincts

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Sum: 自己看吧不知为何老是被lof说有敏感词发不出来然后排查了半天结果竟然是这段英文里含有敏感词我真是快崩溃了(。

真部长。ABO。强推!!!这篇文笔很好!A!部长被GG关在Nurmengard,O!Newt被抓来安抚他(他的箱子在GG手里),然后两人一起计划逃粗去的故事。互相觉得对方真烦但又无法控制互相吸引的两人,dynamics很有趣 但也有点虐因为部长出于各种原因脾气不太好反复无常而且一直在抗拒他俩之间暂时的bond,Newt很努力地在用一个客观科学的态度对待他虽然其实心里有受伤 简直耐心似圣人…部长不想bond但又控制不了身体的lust,对Newt说you really are very pretty(不止一次 这个有点好笑2333)但Newt以为这只是头脑不清楚的胡话…不过虐也是很美味的,非常期待部长发现自己早就沦陷后的反应,Newt一定要makes him work for it!!!!目前已经逃出来了,更新到了肉渣,有非常火辣的eating out然后我才发现这里omega是双性设定!!!我激动得飞起来!!!

Metaphor of Make Believe



Sum:Has it taken? Is this it? The one knotting that will seal the deal, despite all the ones that did not since they started doing this? Newt blinks at the coffered ceiling above him. Is he wishing too hard for this?


A Proper Education


分级:E (我觉得最多M)

Sum:Percival managed not to grimace, but Seraphina’s eyes narrowed. Behind her were two groups of Fifths: a pack of three gangly Serpent boys whom Percival vaguely remembered as pranksters, and a fourth whom he didn’t recognise, a pretty boy with a Thunderbird badge. The kid was gangly and tall, though hunched in on himself, freckled, with unruly ginger hair, and he was staring at his feet, as though resigned to his fate.

“What happened?” Percival inquired carefully.

“A stupid Fifth prank.” Seraphina supplied. “On the new Thunderbird transfer. Out of Hogwarts?” she elaborated, when Percival raised his eyebrows.

Ah yes, that’s right. Thunderbird’s Head, Kara Miranda, had mentioned something along those lines as a footnote in his last briefing. “What kind of prank?”

Seraphina’s lip curled. “Does it matter?”

“It matters to me,” Percival shot back evenly.

真部长。学院AU。强推!!!55555这个世界需要更多的学院AU。这篇是Newt被Hogwarts开除后转学到了Ilvermorny的雷鸟学院,依然(。)老是被别人(别学院的)欺负。部长是雷鸟学院的Head Perfect,表示不能接受这种不符合规矩的事存在就开始保护他,发现Newt就是一个不适合在人间生存的天使(。后来两人就顺理成章的在一起啦~没有插入,只有互相口。部长的patronus是一个亮点hhhhhh 总之超级甜~~~~

Forbidden Fruits



Sum:So Newt stayed in New York and both, he and Graves, like each other but would never tell. They meet at a ball of the Macusa where Newt is dressed as a girl (for reasons!) and things happen. ^^

真部长。Newt被Queenie骗到穿女装去舞会(GJ Queenie),惊艳到部长,两人遂滚床单。有rimming有插入。

Four Times Percival Graves secretly pined and one time his affections were responded



Sum:Percival Graves, director of Magical Security definitely did not have a crush on Newt Scamander. Merlin's beard, he had to maintain his dignity, after all.

And no, he definitely did not add the position of consulting magizoologist nor invited Newt to become the new consulting magizoologist at MACUSA so he could see the man more oftenly. Whoever did that must be Picquery, not him. Only someone who is mentally disturbed would think it was him.

In addition, in no way would he ever pine for a certain magizoologist. This was outrageous and plain blasphemy!

Of course, he had never given gifts for Newt Scamander in secrecy so he could see his beautiful smile. It was nonsense, and a conspiracy to taint his name and dignity by his ridiculous staff members.



Your lips



Prompt:5 times Graves was distracted by Newt's lips and one time he did something about it


Jail Bite

字数:10835 未完结


真部长。ABO,Prison!AU,有D/s的调调,Newt 是werewolf shifter。O!Newt被扔进了A!部长的牢房,发现部长是他的mate,本来部长是抗拒bond,但他当然是坚持不了多久的咩哈哈哈哈,更新到啪啪啪了

How to (Mis)read Your Informant



Sum:Graves is meeting an anonymous contact for a case. That anonymous contact turns out to be, wait, you guessed it, Newt. Graves thinks Newt is [adorably] trying to awkwardly ask him out until it finally clicks that he’s the contact.

真部长。强推!!!!!这篇实在太好笑了(捶桌。部长以为Newt是一个主动来搭讪他的小可爱,还吻人家手说我很愿意跟你约会你真的很可爱但我现在正在工作你今晚有空不??其实Newt就是他在等的线人,Newt整个懵逼hhhhhh 不过办完案后俩人当然还是决定约会啦~~




Sum:After hours of labour Newt finally gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. He couldn't be happier, his husband couldn't be prouder and Theseus can't stop internally crying over that fact that his close friend slept with his precious little brother.

真部长。推荐!!ABO,生子。刚生完孩子的Newt,抱着宝宝overwhelmed到默默流眼泪还不肯承认的新爸爸部长,担心死了的哥哥和一堆朋友们,what more do you want?

First in Love



Sum:It is normal - expected - the way of the world - but it still makes Newt freeze when he hears Tina teasing Percival about his crush on Theseus. His heart, it seems, forgets a beat. He stops stock-still where he is, hot coffee splashing out of his cup and onto his fingers.





Sum:Newt throbs at the brush of Graves' fingers over his nipples. "You liked that?" Graves chuckles, kissing him from behind.

真部长。短小精悍的PWP, nipple play!!孕期play!!产乳涉及!!!没有插入

How to flirt



Sum:Graves cannot flirt. Graves needs to flirt in order to win Newt's heart. Therefore, what he has done is he’s gone to his aurors and asked his aurors the all important question:

How do I flirt


Five kisses



Sum: Full title: Five kisses that went nowhere for Graves and Newt's relationship, and one that went somewhere important.

Alternative title: Five times Tina shows remarkable patience with her idiot boys and their inability to admit their feelings, and one time she puts her foot down.

真部长。推荐!!!!这个作者文笔很娴熟,这篇主要是部长POV,性格好可爱hhhhhhh 能想出这么内容丰富的5次kiss还没在一起,也是很厉害(。不过最后一次当然是在一起了~~

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